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Royal Tomato

    Sitting pretty.

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August Breakfast

Hello there, hello August. It’s been a while, I’ve been fairly absent from these parts. I have umpteen posts in various states of readiness – photos, thoughts, scraps, this + that, all floating around the back room of this cyber … Continue reading

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Tomato in October

At the last moment, while there are still fresh tomatoes available at the farmers’ market for a teeny while longer, I decided to do Take 2 of the sun dried tomatoes I made last year about this time. In truth, … Continue reading

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Feeding a Cold

Gripped in the claw of a nasty head cold – with a head feeling like it’s full of bricks and a throat that seems to have been sanded raw with #80 grit sandpaper – a friend suggested a novel way … Continue reading

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Slow, Slow Tomatoes

Egad. Twelve days gone by since my last post, just like that. My oh my, where does the time go? In an attempt to catch up, allow me to bring you in a veritable flash, quick as can be, some … Continue reading

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Visiting the Country: Vegetables & Chickens

My internet has been down since the middle of last week and I haven’t really minded (well, not too much). Perhaps I’m still  mellowed from the several days I spent up in the country last weekend. It’s amazing the effect … Continue reading

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