Shades of Grey

I started writing this post – about the quesadilla de hongos (mushroom quesadilla) and the clear, crunchy noodles that accompanied a dish of cold tofu that I ate on my birthday –  several weeks ago. In the meantime, this post has sat languishing in the drafts folder growing dusty and stale. Not very consistent of me to have left this space so quiet and desolate the past several weeks. That’s why, on this last day of the year – a time that is traditionally given over to wrapping up, categorizing and making lists of things (both summarizing the previous year and planning for the new one) – I started thinking about the idea of extremes, balance and rhythms. If black and white are each at opposite ends of a spectrum, then an infinite number of shades of grey fall in between them. I’m generally not one to make resolutions – they sound a little too much like grand proclamations, maybe a little too extreme. But, if I were to make a resolution for the new year, it would be to seek continuity in as many shades of grey as I can find.

I leave you with an oddly double exposed image of the last sunset of 2011 as seen  from my window, with the Empire State Building winking its green crown. Happy New Year!

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8 Responses to Shades of Grey

  1. mary says:

    Thank you Sonya, Happy New Year.

  2. Anthony Zanetta says:

    Happy New Year! Say hi to Ray and the Gang…

  3. john doherty says:

    Great last sunset .. Let’s hope it signifies an amazing 2012
    Happy New Year !!

  4. Lisa DeLange says:

    That’s a beautiful shot, Sonya! C was walking around today saying, “Sonya, Sone-ya, Sone-ya” for a while. I guess he knew I owed you an email! Great seeing you last week, thanks for coming and hanging out! Wishing you all spectrum of grey, if that’s what you want, in the New Year! xxL

    • sonya says:

      Thanks, Lisa! Funny coincidence, I was just walking around saying “Chettt” – but I was thinking about that great marble contraption. Happy, happy New Year to you both!!

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